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You’re an experienced runner, Charity Champion and athlete who wants to push the boundaries of mental and physical endurance with the ultimate running challenge of a marathons or trail ultras to multi day events



Your current challenges

You’re an experienced Runner, Charity Champion and long distance athlete who is pushing the boundaries of mental and physical endurance with the ultimate running challenge of a marathon or ultra

My training plan and approach is unstructured and lacks focus on nutrition, recovery, injury management, strength, technique, mindset. I struggle to train for longer events which reduces my confidence come race week.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Q - How will LifeSport RunStrong+ Help me?
  •  A structured multimedia online program with access to award-winning TrueCoach™ platform
  • Designed by runners and focused on realistic distance and endurance progress

    You are strong, resilient and mentally and physically prepared to push for a time or qualification or attack the ultimate long-distance, off Road, Mountain or multi-day events

Q - What’s included in the program?
  • Distance Specific Running Program
  • Sports Nutrition Advice
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Bi-Weekly Running Webinar
  • Access to App / Online program
  • Members only Community
  • Strength/Power/Cross training workouts
  • Injury Prevention Rehabilitation Info
  • Event/Race preparation Advice
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Advanced Training Techniques & Methods
Q - How long is the program take and how many times a week will I train?

Results are based on consistency and commitment. There are no shortcuts. At LifeSport we coach a philosophy of athlete ownership and responsibility for your own success. This program includes 8-10 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 18-24 weeks..

How much do I need to invest to improve my health?

No Hidden Costs  |  Cancel Anytime | Online Guidance & Support

£8 Per Week

8-10 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 22-26 weeks and access to access to the program through the award-winning TrueCoach™ platform

We are confident that ours programs will deliver excellent results however if you are not satisfied you can request a refund by emailing info@lifesportuk.com.

To enable us to obtain a detailed understanding of your condition, you can schedule an injury management consultation for a tailored rehabilitation program.

Having questions? Email us here.

See what our clients are saying

I have been running since a teenager but in recent years hadn’t really worked to a programme or been coached in anyway. As a result, I felt I wasn’t seeing much change in my abilities, and wasn’t making the most of the gym and other activities to bolster my abilities as a runner. And to be honest I was bored.

I wanted to get excited about running again and exercise in general. I also wanted to see the difference a concerted effort might make. I chose to work with Matt and the LifeSport Runstrong project because I could see the variety on offer and respected the huge amount of knowledge Matt brought to it. He is genuinely excited about helping people and bringing the fun and challenges back into exercise and this made the whole thing so much more enjoyable and achievable.

Through the program I saw some major changes in my body shape, strength and overall abilities and I’m pleased to say I began really enjoying running again. The glute and core strengthening in particular hugely helped me reduce injuries and has been a huge benefit to all my sporting activities. The real impact was highlighted by my best performance in a 24-hour endurance race. Highly recommend Hoops and this programme!

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