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Thinking about starting your running journey and want inspiration, guidance, and best practice to improve your mental and physical health and lifestyle through running?



Your current challenges

I don’t know where to start. I’ve heard about the benefits of running. I have tried running before and want more support, motivation and guidance than just a pdf that gives a list of instructions and an email. I want to know what else I should be doing as well as running to reduce my risk of injury, improve my health and train around the demands of work, family and personal commitments

Frequently asked questions & answers

Q - How Will LifeSport RunStart Help me?
  • A structured multimedia online program with access to the award winning TrueCoach™ platform.
  • An online training program designed by runners and focused on you as a new amateur runner.
  • A transformed lifestyle from sedentary to running regularly.
  • A sense of achievement from taking part in your 1st park run or running continuously for 30 mins or 5km and beyond.
  • An improved body composition and mental wellbeing through combining regular running, functional strength, and healthy nutrition habits.
Q - What’s included in the program?
  • Beginner Specific Run/Walk program
  • Sports & lifestyle Nutrition Advice
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Bi-Weekly Support Webinar
  • Award Winning TrueCoach™ App / Online program
  • Members Only Facebook Community
  • Strength / Cross Training Best Practice
Q - How long is the program take and how many times a week will I train?
Results are based on consistency and commitment. There are no shortcuts. At LifeSport we coach a philosophy of athlete ownership and responsibility for your own success. This program includes 4-6 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 8 weeks.

How much do I need to invest to improve my health?

No Hidden Costs  |  Cancel Anytime | Online Guidance & Support

Completely Free*

4-6 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 8 weeks and access to the award-winning TrueCoach™ training platform.

*Subscription required 

We are confident that ours programs will deliver excellent results however if you are not satisfied you can request a refund by emailing info@lifesportuk.com.

To enable us to obtain a detailed understanding of your condition, you can schedule an injury management consultation for a tailored rehabilitation program.

Having questions? Email us here.

See what our clients are saying

I signed up to the RunStart program as I had been injured and after speaking to Matt realised that I had tried to do too much too soon. I had tried different apps and run only programs but they didn’t provide me with the detail on recovery, strength, stamina and controlled and realistic progression required to safely restart my running journey. After 4 weeks I was already running continuously for longer more often. Matt also recommended I sign up to park for additional support and enjoyment. I loved it and regularly attend for my weekend 5km fix.

Massive thanks


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