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Is This Program For Me?

You’ve started your running journey and need more structure to break progress plateau’s and improve consistency, speed, distance and recovery.



Your current challenges

I’m enjoying my running and wish I could reduce injury niggles and build more consistency. I want to run longer and faster but get stuck at a certain distance or time. I have tried running before and want more support and motivation than just a pdf with instructions and an email that is a scaled down professional program. I want to improve my strength and endurance.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Q - How Will LifeSport RunStart+ Help me?
  • A structured multimedia online program with access to the award winning Final Surge™ platform.
  • Designed by runners and focused on realistic speed and stamina progress.
  • Recover more quickly, regularly increasing distance and time.
  • Feeling stronger and building confidence by completing personal bests and plateau breakthrough sessions.
  • The program will get you ready to commit to a new time or distance challenge
Q - What’s included in the program?
  • Specific Run Programs
  • Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition Advice
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Bi-Weekly Support Webinar
  • Award Winning TrueCoach™ App / Online program
  • Members Only Form & Technique Tutorials 
  • Strength & Cross Training Best Practice
Q - How long is the program take and how many times a week will I train?

Results are based on consistency and commitment. There are no shortcuts. At LifeSport we coach a philosophy of athlete ownership and responsibility for your own success. This program includes 4-8 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 10-12 weeks.

How much do I need to invest to improve my health?

No Hidden Costs  |  No Contract | Online Virtual Coaching


4-8 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 10-12 weeks and access to your program on the award-Winning Final Surge™ App / Online program 

We are confident that ours programs will deliver excellent results however if you are not satisfied you can request a refund by emailing info@lifesportuk.com.

To enable us to obtain a detailed understanding of your condition, you can schedule an injury management consultation for a tailored rehabilitation program.

Having questions? Email us here.

See what our clients are saying

Following a health check I was found to be in a high-risk category for a number of preventable health conditions. I contacted LifeSport UK and immediately noticed that when chatting with Matt he was interested in my overall health and wellbeing and took a holistic approach to help me change my lifestyle through improved sleep, nutrition, stress management and mindset with exercise as the vehicle to accelerate my progress in all areas. A year on I had significantly reduced my weight, risk of diabetes, heart disease and recovered my high blood pressure back to normal levels. This enabled me to start running and after 18 months, I improved my 10km from minutes to a PB of just under 40 minutes.



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