Your own personal coach to motivate you through a tailored program specific to your goals.


 21 Day Core & Km’s Challenge

   Completely Free 

Thinking about starting your running journey and want inspiration, guidance, and best practice to improve your mental and physical health and lifestyle through running?

The program includes:
4-6 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 8 weeks.


Regular Runners

You’ve started your running journey and need more structure to break progress plateau’s and improve consistency, speed, distance and recovery.

The program includes:
4-8 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 10 weeks.


10K to Half Marathons

You’re a running enthusiast or Charity Champion and wants to take your running journey to the next level and train for specific events or goals like 10km and Half Marathons or a specific time.

The program includes:
6-8 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 16-18 weeks.


Marathons & Ultras

You’re an experienced runner, Charity Champion and athlete who wants to push the boundaries of mental and physical endurance with the ultimate running challenge of a marathons or trail ultras to multi day events.

The program includes:
8-10 detailed running and conditioning sessions a week for 18-24 weeks.


Injury Rehabilitation

Free Initial Consultation

Broken, frustrated and recovering runners who want to get back to the mental and physical benefits of regular enjoyable running.


Discover the Secrets to Preventing and Rehabilitating the 6 Most Common Running Injuries
I had been running for a while but had not been coached or used a program before. I had completed a half marathon before but had a couple of injuries in the lead up to the event.

I wanted to be more consistent, resilient and break the 2 hour half marathon barrier.
Working with Matt using the RunStrong program I was initially surprised that the approach had less mileage and a greater focus on running technique, conditioning and functional strength while learning correct form to reduce the risk of injury.

I completed the 16 week program with no injuries come race day and finished in well under 2 hours with a personal best.
An easy to follow program with fantastic support. Thanks


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